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In these times of social isolation, there was never a better time to invest in your own EROTIC VITALITY & EROTIC HEALING.
I am offering one-on-one skype sessions to assist guys in re-awakening their relationship with their erotic process.

This work is accessible to all men, regardless on your sexual orientation. The more you know your own body, the more you can expand your erotic experience, and assist those you conjoin with to advance their erotic landscape.
Porn use is inevitably accelerated at this time - and their are ways to avoid to erotic/body/disconnect which is an inevitable through this platform. There is much to learn, and exercises to incorporate into your porn use, that can amplify the benefits, while minimising the shortcomings associated with habitual porn use.

With many years experience offering a range of workshops at NAKEDMAN and other events, I can tailor a program to suit your own interest and needs:

1) EROTIC VITALITY: The Art of Self-Pleasure

2) SEXUAL HEALING: Addressing aspect of your erotic process that limit your pleasure, satisfaction and fulfilment.

3) INTEGRATED WHOLESOME PORN PLAY without the side effects.

GROUP CLASSES: I am also developing an ONLINE version of my workshop: The Art of Self Pleasure, which will be a series of 6 weekly sessions/webinars (with homework) plus some personalised support.

I am currently maintaining limited face-to-face sessions with stringent health guidelines in Randwick ( subject to change at any time).

Learn the principles of Tantric Sex: Touch, Breathwork & Awareness Techniques

Are You Interested to Learn More About Your Own Erotic Process. 

Many years experience in Massage, Bodywork and Tantric modalities.

Call Brett on 0490126497.

Sessions available Daytime, Evening & Weekends:
60 minutes : $90
90 minutes: $120
Book NOW: 0490126497

Reasons to book your session:

Experience a Taoist Erotic Massage - including Touch, Breathwork & Awareness techniques
Keen to expand your erotic landscape - tone up your erotic vitality

You may also want to address aspects that limit your erotic experience:
App Use & Addictions
Impotence & other physical-based issues
Shame, lack of confidence and related issues

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Recent Testimonials:
“I’ve found myself more conscious in my approach to self touch and my approach to erotic stimulation.
The practice really opened up the possibility of conscious expression for me which has lasted since the first session.

I found you very intuitive and observant and you allowed me the space to relax and take on the instructions.
Your approach was both gentle and sensitive yet firm and clear, which I was happy to follow.

My approach to self pleasuring has become more conscious and much more heightened encompassing the whole body. I feel more excited for longer after each time with myself and with a partner.”  - Peter, 37
“I worked with Brett over a 3 week period to engage with and acknowledge my erotic, physical, sexual and emotional bodies. His professional, engaging style of teaching enabled me to experiment and experience feelings, thoughts and reactions that I was never aware of.  The “homework” enabled me to put into practice things that he showed me and discussed with me during the “face to face” sessions and the email follow up after each “homework” session was especially helpful. I felt completely at ease with Brett during the “face to face” sessions and found his hands-on technique extremely good.  I would recommend Brett’s teachings to any man who is looking to improve his sexual and erotic vitality and to be more fully aware and engaged in day to day life.”  - Darrell, 52
“Brett is a deep theorist and intuitive observationalist.

He has an innate ability to read you and find things that you didn’t know about yourself. 

He challenged me deeply and led me to the many doors of my existence, asked me to knock, dispelled trepidation and walked over the threshold with me into exciting and unknown spaces.

Brett created a safe, playful and curious environment. You’re in good hands with Brett as he is non judgemental, calm, reassuring and nurturing.

I didn’t think I could love myself anymore- turns out I was wrong. Kimbo allowed me to explore self loving and I came away with greater confidence and a good dose of self love.”  -  Terry, 29

Shamanic Erotic Healing Bodywork

Establishing a safe and supportive space for whatever is limiting your connection to erotic vitality, sexual satisfaction and fulfilment.

Touch, Breathwork & Awareness are the cornerstones of our practice.
Embodiment and Presence our the outcomes you can take into your erotic relationship with self and others.

Many years experience in a range of therapeutic and bodywork modalities including; Psychotherapy, Sexological Bodywork, Reiki, Shamanic Journeying, Tribal Drumming, Swedish and Therapeutic massage.

Male practitioner working with a male client provides an element of mentoring absent from our cultural narrative regarding male sexuality and awakening.

Informed by Tantric, Taoist, Shamanic and Psychotherapeutic principles:
Tantric: Spiritual discipline working with Touch, Breathwork, Awareness, Sound & Movement to bring together opposing forces within ourselves and our intimate relationship with others.
Taoist: Following the flow of nature - from fast to slow, chaotic to orderly, stormy to quiet - and like nature, open to surprise.
Shamanic: Exploring worlds beyond our imagining - a little out of view - and finding ways to integrate our awareness into our every day experience of being.
Psychotherapeutic: Our perception of reality is linked to our meaning-making processes which have been programmed by early and/or habitual patterns of experience.

Straight, Gay, Bisexual & Transmen can all benefit from this work.

Randwick location

60 minutes: $90
90 minutes: $120

Call for a chat
Brett 0490126497



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Call 0490126497 or brett33taylor@gmail.com to book

3 session block to explore Self Pleasure: $330 full fee
Weekly sessions with homework practices on alternate days with email support.
Each program tailored to individuals specific needs.
Learn skills and practices than can transform your relationship with your body, your experience of sex, and the landscape of your erotic experience.

Expand your Erotic Horizon, Sexlife and Experience of Pleasure

I have diverse skills, experience and expertese to provide a space to explore who you are erotically and how to expand your experience of satisfaction and fulfilment in this vital area of your life and wellbeing.


Taoist Erotic Massage
A sensuous full-body massage including arousal of arse and genitals (relative to negotiated boundaries)

Conscious Kink & Powerplay
Working with a range of possibilites including: blindfolds, restraints, floggers,spanking, arseplay. Safe Sane and Consensual are the hallmakrs of this approach to exploring elements of power and submission, which can expand our sensory awareness, our ability to experience pleasure and a sense of liberation. It can also teach us much about our psychological tendencies, as well as addressing aspects of our abuse history.

Orgasmic Yoga Practice
A range of practices which incorporate the Tools of Tantra.
Primarily used for self-exploration, but can be applied to your intimate connection with others.

Erotic Trance Dance
A movement oriented practice using high energy music to support your engagement with the Tools of Tantra: Touch, Breathwork, Awareness, Sound & Movement.

The body is an amazing source of information about who you are, how you feel, the influences of the past, the concerns for the future. All these are often encrypted at the cellular level of our physical structure. It can sometimes be the simple act of applying touch, attention and receptivity, that can lead to major transformative insights.

My work is client-centred, meaning that my intention is to create a safe space in which you will not be called on to do anything that does not feel right for you. Whether working in a one-off context or a block of sessions, we will begin by establishing the area/s of interest and the modalities which best suit you. Whatever style you choose, the work will unfold as a fusion of the range of skills and experience which I can bring to support you in the area of your curiosity or concern

The Tools of Tantra
I have developed this approach as a synthesis of all my learning.
It is based in Tantric principles of Touch, Breathwork, Awareness, Sound & Movement.

It is a biological fact that the rectum has a massive concentration of nerve endings, similar to the tongue and the hands. Knowing how much pleasure we derive from our tongues through taste, and our hands through touch, it should come as no surprise that there is great potential for all of us to experience profound pleasure in our “backdoor”.
It must also be noted that psychologically, the arse is a place where we often hold our fears. 

This approach can assist in the gentle exploration of your nether regions, while being available to sit with and support whatever emotionality which can arise. This is the royal road to healing and wholeness. Extraordinarily, we are able to navigate these challenges through the path of pleasure and arousal.

Many men find their way to this work through presenting challenges like premature ejaculation, impotence, relationship issues, self-esteem & shame, as well as porn use and a variety of addictive tendencies, including sex.

Resilient Edge of Resistance
Everyone has aspects of their process which they are not ready to move beyond. Our work tracks where there is a hint of willingness to shift focus, consider change, adapt behaviours. These are the areas with greatest potential for awakening possibilities.

Gender & Sexual Orientation: Men, Women, Trans & Gender-diverse
I am open to working with anyone who seeks to know more about their sexual process and are willing to invest time and attention to this endeavour.

Gay & Straight men benefit from this work, which is learning-model, inviting folk to expand the explore the erotic landscape of your sexual experience.
Specialist training to work with Trans folk
Women who seek deeper sense of Embodiment & Presence through a range of practices and techniques.

60 minute session $90
90 minute session $120
3 x 90 min sessions : $330 - save $30
5 x 90 min sessions : $550 - save $50
10 x 90 min sessions : $1000 - save $200